Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Midland Engineering Ltd. (MEL) has been providing Process Safety consultation for 20 years and its Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) facilitators and scribes have extensive experience.

MEL Facilitators have experience in Engineering and Operations that helps them relate to PHA teams. Our experience results in rapid identification of process hazards and development of clear recommendations to effectively reduce risk.

Our facilitators utilize their experience to ensure that PHA teams stay on track and resolve issues quickly.

MEL Facilitators prepare thoroughly for PHAs. Our preparation, background and experience result in PHAs that effectively use team time.

We have long experience in facilitating revalidation, redo, project, and operating procedure PHAs.

MEL facilitators are experienced in conducting Risk Assessments for PHA scenarios using various client risk matrices.  We also have experience in facilitating a Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) study if desired.

We work with our clients to ensure that:

  • Appropriate and effective PHA techniques are used
  • Team membership will result in an effective PHA
  • Adequate time is available for the team to complete the PHA
  • Process Safety Information (PSI) is up to date, relevant,  and available to the team
  • Effective preparation steps are completed
  • Study Recommendations made are clearly stated