Process Safety Management (PSM)

Midland Engineering Ltd. (MEL) has been providing Process Safety Management (PSM) consultation services for 20 years. MEL engineers have developed and administered plant and project process safety management programs in the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our engineers provide consultation to clients on individual PSM program elements as well as overall program evaluation, and share best practices seen across industry. Our consultants’ industry experience includes oversight of PSM programs, development and implementation of PSM program management systems, management of PSM programs, and PSM program compliance auditing.

Some of our recent projects have included:

  • PSM compliance audits
  • Developing PSM programs for clients when they come under the PSM requirements
  • Managing PSM programs for major refinery expansions
  • Evaluating and upgrading client PSM programs
  • Process Hazards Analysis and LOPA facilitation

We work with our clients to:

  • Ensure that their PSM programs meet OSHA and EPA requirements.
  • Implement new PSM programs when their operations change and bring them under the PSM regulations.
  • Manage PSM programs for clients when they have resource restrictions or are in transition.
  • Improve their PSM programs where they have identified weaknesses or concerns.
  • Audit facilities for PSM compliance.
  • Provide Process Hazards Analysis facilitation.
  • Evaluate and improve specific PSM program elements.
  • Ensure that PSI is complete and up-do-date, including P&ID updates and walk downs.
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