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Senior level engineers offering specialized skills and expertise


Midland Engineering Limited (MEL) is an engineering consulting firm that has been providing engineering services to clients for more than 25 years in a wide range of industry sectors including Specialty Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Petroleum Refining, Bulk Transportation, Industrial Gas Supply, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, Agrochemicals, and Materials Handling.

Core Values

At Midland Engineering, we are guided by core values of integrity, reliability, accountability, and a commitment to client success. We have a network of consulting engineers (located across the U.S.), many of which have 30 or more years of relevant experience at companies like Dow, Dow Corning, Merck, FM Global, DNV, and others.

Engineering Services

Midland Engineering Limited (MEL) provides engineering services for improving a client's manufacturing facility and addressing regulatory compliance needs. MEL provides expertise for Process and Design Engineering, Project and Construction Management, Process Safety, Responsible Care and EHS Auditing, Process Automation, as well as PSM and RCMS Auditing.


Specialty Engineering Firm 

Midland Engineering offers specialized Engineering services many other firms do not provide.

Senior Level Engineers

Chosen by clients when senior level engineers with extensive experience are required.   

Project Management

Project engineering and management services are provided when the clients engineering team resources are limited.


Project engineering and management services can also be provided when the engineering team needed is less than 15 people.


Remains on projects until the agreed upon deliverables are provided.


Offers customized in-house training upon request.

Project Expertise

Offer short term project expertise allowing clients to avoid hiring that expertise.

Specialized Skillset

Provides an extension to a client’s workforce to fill a gap in a required unique skills.


Offers an independent 3rd Party perspective to OSHA PSM, Responsible Care®, and EHS audits.

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